Rory Bourke


Songs Recorded By:

  •     Charlie Rich
  •     "The Most Beautiful Girl"
  •     JoDee Messina
  •     "Bye, Bye"
  •     George Strait
  •     "You Look So Good In Love"
  •     Phil Vassar
  •     "Carlene"
  •     Bonnie Raitt
  •     "Too Soon To Tell"
  •     Jennifer Warnes
  •     "I Know A Heartache When I  See One"
  •     Deborah Allen
  •      "Baby I Lied"
  •     Anne Murray
  •     "A Little Good News"
  •     "Shadows In The Moonlight"
  •     "Blessed Are The Believers"
  •     "Another Sleepless Night"
  •     "Lucky Me"
  •     Kenny Chesney
  •     "Back In My Arms Again"
  •     Don Williams
  •     "I Wouldn't Be A Man"
  •     Collin Raye
  •     "Little Red Rodeo"
  •     Elvis Presley
  •     "Patch It Up"
  •     "Your Love's Been A Long Time Comin"
  •     Bellamy Brothers
  •     "Do You Love As Good As You Look"
  •     Tanya Tucker
  •     "It's Only Over For You"
  •     Conway Twitty
  •     "I Couldn't See You Leaving"
  •     Ronnie Milsap
  •     "Where Do The Nights Go"
  •      K.T. Oslin
  •     "Come Next Monday"
  •     Lee Roy Parnell
  •     Gail Davies
  •     Cher
  •     Mel Tillis and many more...

I Get It Now (Bourke/Ferrugia/Tennyson)

You left your ring on the night stand by that old iron bed we bought

You left your lipstick stain on your coffee cup

There's not a night goes by I don't read that note you left

The one that said there's more to lovin' me than what happens in this bed

Now I know you tried to tell me in a hundred different ways

But the silence of this lonely room is all you need to say


I get it now

Now that I’m in your shoes

It hurts to want someone

When they're not there for you

Whiskey and tears

Oh the bitter taste of truth

All alone in a big old empty house

No, I didn't get it then

But I sure do get it now

I still punch in at 6 a.m. I punch back out at 4

I told my boss to keep his overtime I don't want it no more

I used think if I worked hard enough you’d have everything you need

How many night's did you cry yourself to sleep just needin’ me?

I lie awake with your pillow held tight to my chest

That's as close to you right now as I can get

(Repeat Chorus)

Word gets around in this little town pretty fast

That's why I'm telling everybody just how bad I want you back

(Repeat Chorus)