Rory Bourke


Songs Recorded By:

  •     Charlie Rich
  •     "The Most Beautiful Girl"
  •     JoDee Messina
  •     "Bye, Bye"
  •     George Strait
  •     "You Look So Good In Love"
  •     Phil Vassar
  •     "Carlene"
  •     Bonnie Raitt
  •     "Too Soon To Tell"
  •     Jennifer Warnes
  •     "I Know A Heartache When I  See One"
  •     Deborah Allen
  •      "Baby I Lied"
  •     Anne Murray
  •     "A Little Good News"
  •     "Shadows In The Moonlight"
  •     "Blessed Are The Believers"
  •     "Another Sleepless Night"
  •     "Lucky Me"
  •     Kenny Chesney
  •     "Back In My Arms Again"
  •     Don Williams
  •     "I Wouldn't Be A Man"
  •     Collin Raye
  •     "Little Red Rodeo"
  •     Elvis Presley
  •     "Patch It Up"
  •     "Your Love's Been A Long Time Comin"
  •     Bellamy Brothers
  •     "Do You Love As Good As You Look"
  •     Tanya Tucker
  •     "It's Only Over For You"
  •     Conway Twitty
  •     "I Couldn't See You Leaving"
  •     Ronnie Milsap
  •     "Where Do The Nights Go"
  •      K.T. Oslin
  •     "Come Next Monday"
  •     Lee Roy Parnell
  •     Gail Davies
  •     Cher
  •     Mel Tillis and many more...

Friends Anymore (Rory Michael Bourke/Jay Knowles)

How come when you touched my hand just then I felt a little spark

And right now lookin' at you I wanna see you in the dark

And why did you smile that way when I came through the door

I'm thinkin' you and me might not be friends anymore

I'm tryin' hard not to picture you in that two-piece layin' in the sun

I know I'm crossin' all kinda of lines but honey what's done is done

And ever since that night we sat on your steps just talkin' til four

I think that you and me ought not be friends anymore


Cuz friends can dance

But when the do they don't hold on like this

And tonight when I kiss you goodnight on the cheek

I'm thinkin' I might miss yeah

So when did the rest of the gang just up and disappear?

Anyway all night its felt like we were the only ones here

And either way it'll never be the way it was before

That's okay I don't wanna be your friend anymore

(Repeat Chorus)

Either way it'll never be the way it was before

But that's okay I don't wanna be your friend anymore

No I don't ever wanna be your just friends anymore