Rory Bourke


Songs Recorded By:

  •     Charlie Rich
  •     "The Most Beautiful Girl"
  •     JoDee Messina
  •     "Bye, Bye"
  •     George Strait
  •     "You Look So Good In Love"
  •     Phil Vassar
  •     "Carlene"
  •     Bonnie Raitt
  •     "Too Soon To Tell"
  •     Jennifer Warnes
  •     "I Know A Heartache When I  See One"
  •     Deborah Allen
  •      "Baby I Lied"
  •     Anne Murray
  •     "A Little Good News"
  •     "Shadows In The Moonlight"
  •     "Blessed Are The Believers"
  •     "Another Sleepless Night"
  •     "Lucky Me"
  •     Kenny Chesney
  •     "Back In My Arms Again"
  •     Don Williams
  •     "I Wouldn't Be A Man"
  •     Collin Raye
  •     "Little Red Rodeo"
  •     Elvis Presley
  •     "Patch It Up"
  •     "Your Love's Been A Long Time Comin"
  •     Bellamy Brothers
  •     "Do You Love As Good As You Look"
  •     Tanya Tucker
  •     "It's Only Over For You"
  •     Conway Twitty
  •     "I Couldn't See You Leaving"
  •     Ronnie Milsap
  •     "Where Do The Nights Go"
  •      K.T. Oslin
  •     "Come Next Monday"
  •     Lee Roy Parnell
  •     Gail Davies
  •     Cher
  •     Mel Tillis and many more...

Delta Blue (Rory Bourke/Joshua Ragsdale/Sonny LeMaire)

You wake up in the mornin’ with the Delta Blue

But there’s a Mississippi oven cookin’ breakfast for you

Spread up your bed, Baby, better wash your hands

Or Mama won’t let you in that biscuit pan

You’ll spend all day choppin’ cotton and firewood too

But the thought of Mama’s chicken is what pulls you through

Slingblade getting heavy while you’re clearin’ the land

But Mama’s sweat’s a sizzlin’ in the fryin’ pan

(First Bridge)        

Company’s a comin’ kickin’ dust up the road

Wearin’ fifty miles of travel on their Sunday clothes

Comin’ up from Natchez in that revival tent

It’ll be at least a week before they fall again

We carry the dining room table out way in the yard

Daddy’s got the home made ice cream, make the crankin’ hard

Grandma’s on the front porch coolin’ off by the fan

Uncle John is sipping Jim Beam just as fast as he can 

(Second Bridge)

Company’s a leavin’, kickin’ dust up the road

It was good to see ‘em comin’ now we’re glad to see them go

Standing on the front porch we’re all wavin’ goodbye

They took the chocolate cake but Mama’s still bakin’ pie 

We go to bed at night and dream ‘bout a new pair of shoes

While the corn and the cotton drink the delta dew

You wake up in the mornin’ just to do it all again

Hear the bacon jumpin’ round in Mama’s fryin’ pan

Mama’s sweat’s a sizzlin’ in the fryin’ pan